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Crawford Road~~ Crybaby bridge (this was our first investigation ) We arrived at the bridge a little after midnight. When we pulled up to the bridge we got a weird sense so we got out and started to take pictures. As we were driving home we decided to look at the pictures we had taken and that's when April T. said look at this picture and we did. It looked just like a woman hanging from the side of the bridge. That is when we decided we had to go back.


Crawford Road (2nd Trip)~~We had a couple of friends join us at the bridge that night. It was a total of 6 people .We climbed up on the bridge and took a couple of pictures. We then decided to walk down the road that the bridge is on. April M. tells us that she saw a man dressed in civil war clothes. She said that he walked by her looking right at her and then disappear in front of her eyes.


Crawford Road (The Abandoned Radio Station)~~We had heard about the abandoned radio station and decided to check it out. We arrive at the road that leads back into the woods. April M. parks right in front of the gate and we notice that the gate has like 8 padlocks on it. We start walking down the dirt road to the radio station taking pictures as we were walking. We get to the opening and see the radio station about that time we saw headlights and heard the sound of rocks being kicked up by tires. All of a sudden the lights were gone and we didn't hear the gravel being kicked up we were shaken up a bit but decided it was time to leave when we got to the truck we all thought it was strange because no one could drive down the road because we had parked in front of the gate and how could they remove all 8 padlocks it would take them some time to unlock them all. Why did the lights just disappear? Why didn't we hear them leave? We still have no explanation for it. A few days later we were looking up Crawford Road and alot of people were talking about a haunted truck that chases you down the street and then disappears maybe it was the haunted truck or who knows !!!! It was just strange!!!!!!

Haunted house in Gloucester Va.~~A friend of ours had told us about a house in Gloucester that was supposed to be haunted so we went to check it out. It had graffiti all over the inside of it but we really didn't find anything in the house. We took pictures of the inside and outside. April M. took a picture outside and when she looked at it there are 2 glowing things on each side of the house there were no cars coming down the road that could have affected the picture. We aren't sure what it is.


Elbow Road~~ We went out to elbow road because they say if you sit at a certain part of the road (where the road bends extremely sharp) and you cut off your car and sit on the hood you can see small wet footprints walk up to the car and stop. Well we didn't see anything like that we did notice it was a very heavily traveled road.


Great Valley Road(Yorktown Va)~~ Great Valley Road in Yorktown, Va is near the Cornwallis Cave at the beach. During the civil war times they would walk slaves up the trail as well as merchandise that came in on the cargo ships. We didn't catch anything there that night. We may return to try and get some EVPs we will post an update if we do.


Ferry Plantation~~ We recently went to the Ferry Plantation for an investigation. When we arrived we were surprised that another team of investigators was there as well. They were extremely kind and offered for us to stay and investigate with them even though there was a mix up somewhere. First of all we would like to thank them for being so kind to let us stay. It was the best experience we have had. There were EVPs recorded and strange things that happened while we were there. We had been in the Parlor with one of the investigators from the other group. April T. asked if there was anyone standing behind her, when the audio clip was played back you can hear a voice say "yea I want to....." we can't make out what they say after you hear "YEA I WANT" the investigator told me take a couple pictures of April T. and you can hear me snap two picture and then a voice say "DON'T MOVE" in between them. We are still trying to go through all of the videos and pictures we took. We wonder "what will show up"? We will be posting pictures and videos after we have had a chance to go through them all. Until then "HAPPY INVESTIGATING" We would love to have a chance to return to the Ferry Plantation!!!!!


Ferry Plantation May 30, 2009~~(KNOWN AS THE HOUSE OF MANY VOICES) We have been to the Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach Va several times and have always had excellent results. We have experienced everything from being touched to seeing shadow people and excellent class A EVP's. Some EVP's that have been captured are of a small child saying "mommie" and even my name (April) being called. The last time we went in May when a male investigator asked "what was so tight" (previously taken EVP) one of the two shackles that were hanging side by side on the bars on a window started to move as if someone touched them. This house is truly extraordinary.


Ferry Plantation December 2012~~ We have had many experiences in amazing plantation home. We had some very interesting experiences this time. Some of which include the disembodied voice of a small child saying "mommy". Everyone that was in the room heard it. The EVP is listed on the EVP page. I even had the chance to play ball with a little boy named "Eric". He seemed to like it when the ball was blue. As we were packing up our equipment we heard a cat meow. What we had heard was the ghost kitty of the house. As I was standing in the "new" kitchen I watched a big serving spoon lift up and was thrown across the kitchen and land at my feet.

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