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Investigation of private residence in Newport News VA

   We received an email from a lady in Newport News, VA regarding paranormal activity that had been occurring in her home. She explained in the email that friends, family and neighbors including herself have been pushed, pinched, scratched and their hair pulled. When I called and spoke to "Sarah" I asked her to explain everything that has been happening in the home and how long it has been happening. She says that she hears music playing (even though there is nothing on in the home), her daughters toys go off when no one is seen playing with them (especially a horse named "Winnie" that sings Home on the Range). She told me that her daughter who is 7 has seen a woman at the foot of her bed staring at her when she is trying to go to sleep at night, she has also seen her at the bottom of the slide they have in their backyard. Her daughter has also told her that she has seen 3 mean looking men standing outside her bedroom door in the hallway at night. Objects have moved, banging and crashing sounds but when she went and looked nothing had fallen or was broke. Front door has opened and closed. Water has turned on and flooded the kitchen while they were out. She had been getting ready for bed and had fixed herself a drink and was pushed from the kitchen into the living room, there were red hand prints on her back. Children have told her that they have seen a "monster". One child was pushed across the kitchen and when they asked him what had happened he told them that the wall reached out and grabbed him pulling him towards the wall away from the kitchen table. Sarah has seen several apparitions in the home. Cats hiss and stare at unseen things in the home. One neighbor said she has seen a glowing light coming from the front bedroom kind of like a candle had been lit. When she asked Sarah about it she told her there wasn't any candle or lights on in the room.

The house has been her husband "Brad's" family since it was built 56 years ago. I asked her if she has had anyone bless the home she said yes three time her pastor has blessed the home.

   I asked if any tragic event had happened in the home and she said that her husbands mother passed away in the bedroom at the front of the house.

Investigation #1

   We arrived the home around 9 PM and introduced ourselves and explained to Sarah and Brad what we were going to be doing and what each piece of equipment was and what it is used for. We did our initial EMF and temperature sweeps. The initial temperature was 74 degrees. There were no fluctuations in temperature during the investigation. Initial EMF spikes were recorded at the ceiling fans and most of the electrical sockets. There were unexplainable EMF fluctuations during the investigation. Video cameras were set up in the front bedroom and kitchen towards the hallway. The video camera that was in the front bedroom mysteriously cut itself off and recorded nothing. Voice recorders were placed in the front bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and the living room. Motion detectors were placed in front bedroom and the kitchen facing towards the hallway. EMF meters were used in the living room and the front bedroom. We used digital cameras and film cameras throughout the residence. Several EVP's were recorded that night ( they will be posted at a later time).

Investigation #2

   Our second investigation we conducted at the residence was done during the day. EMF and temperature sweeps were the same as the first investigation. We chose different locations for the equipment. We placed a video camera in the living room. Voice recorders were placed in the bathroom and the living room. EMF meters were used in the living room and the bathroom. Again we got several EVP's and they will also be up shortly. Before we initially started an EMF meter was placed on the coffee table, it vibrated off of the table and almost fell in the floor (the meter has no sounds or vibrations just lights). Motion detectors were placed in the bathroom and the living room doorway pointed towards the the hallway. At one point in the investigation we asked if they could walk through to show us that they were here and the motion detector in the bathroom came on then the one in the living room doorway came on as well as the EMF meters were lighting up. The motion detectors came on several times like they were pacing between the bathroom and living room.

When we reviewed the findings with the homeowners they were shocked to learn that several spirits were in their home. We also discussed the different options they have to help the spirits move on.

Investigation #3

   We found no temperature or EMF changes from the previous recordings. I asked if anything had happened since our last visit and she told me that a friend and her were baking cookies for her daughters school and she had set aside a Ziploc bag full of cookies for her sister. She said she turned around and added more cookies to the cookie sheet and heard something hit the floor she turned around and it was the cookies she had set aside for her sister. A dove she has sitting on the back of her stove also fell and hit the floor.

   We set our equipment up starting in the kitchen and Kristen (investigator) asked me if I had touched her hair. I told her no and she said that someone had ran their fingers through her hair. Vicki (investigator) was also touched in the kitchen. Halfway through the investigation I was touched on the back like someone had pulled on the back of my shirt. It was 20 minutes after I had told them that they could touch me. There were no temp fluctuations . We did have several EMF spikes and recorded several EVP's. The motion detectors did not come on at any point in the investigation. We have talked with the homeowners and they have decided to do a cleansing to try and help the trapped spirits move on.


It has been 2 weeks since we cleansed the home for Sarah and Brad and are happy to report that all activity has stopped and client also stated that the home has a lighter feel to it.

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